The way we live and work is changing. At Eo925 we aim to drive and accelerate that change by positively engaging with business and the political process. We provide the platform for the contributors of society to engage with policy-making to make their work-places, communities and futures better. Do you want to change the world? Let's do it - together.

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Expected Millennial workforce by 2025
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We are here to provide creative solutions to many of the problems that we face today, by engaging with the political process. Tell us the problems you face and we will help to fix them.

Eo925. Making politics positive.

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The world is changing - fast. We engage some of the most creative minds in business and politics to identify new opportunities and solutions to the problems we face.

Eo925 is here to share ideas
and help shake up the policy-making process

Policy-making can sometimes miss the point. We believe that by engaging business, technology and social leaders, we can provide our policy-makers with a different perspective, making policy - and our everyday lives - better.

People care about society and their future, but don't always feel like they have a voice. Eo925 is a platform whereby anyone can positively engage in the policy-making process outside of the election cycle.

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Business leader, entrepreneur, SME, creative employee, ambitious free thinker, developer, public sector employee who can see a different way of doing things? Come and join us in changing the world.

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Who we are

We are a team of creative thinkers and disruptors who like to think big and want to help solve complex problems through active, creative debate, always with a solution in mind.

Every problem has a solution. We help policy-makers deliver better outcomes.


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Our Mission

Sourcing the best minds from the political and business worlds to solve the big problems of the day.

Britain has never been more politically divided. In an age of division, Eo925 seeks to unite people and power by creating a network of influencers to positively change policy outcomes and thereby the world that we live and work in.

Change rarely happens by accident. It takes time, courage and optimism. We believe that by engaging people in politics outside of the election cycle, it not only gives policy-makers fresh, new ideas, it gives us a more engaged citizenship.

Our Manifesto

We are proudly pro-enterprise. We believe in the power of business and technology to fundamentally change how we live and where we work. We want to emancipate a large part of our workforce from the drudgery of the daily grind, to enable them to work remotely and spend more time with their families. It's better for people; it's better for business.

We want to see the end of 9 to 5.

Politics in the UK has become increasingly negative. We want to come at policy problems from a positive, pro-active angle and with an outcome in mind. We are politically neutral - we judge ideas based on their merit, not their political provenance.

We want redress the inter-generational imbalance by helping young people gain their stake in society through home ownership and 'up-skilling' in our increasingly digitised economy.

Where we are
coming from

Historically, social and cultural shifts happen first and then politics catches up. Technological advancements mean that this pace of change is now the fastest that we've ever seen it.

Politics, the way we govern - the way we fundamentally live and work - needs to change in order to fully take advantage of this technological revolution. The world is coming to our doorstep, it is happening now.


More than 280 million fibre kilometres were demanded worldwide in 2018 for the use of fibre optic internet.

Source: Statista2


4.2 million people regularly worked from home in 2015 and this rate is increasing considerably each year.

Source: Office for National Statistics2


Working from home increases productivity by 16%, produces higher morale, higher employee retention and less stress.

Source: OddsMonkey2

We believe that there is a solution for every problem. We just have to get creative.

We champion

The 'doers' of society - those that want to engage in our political process, but don't feel like they have a voice.

We embrace

Ambition – we want to empower individual not the state.

We work

To live, not live to work. We want to support people and businesses make the shift to better way of working and living.

We are proud

To support our democratic process. But democracy doesn't happen by accident - it needs to be constantly refreshed. It needs engagement between people and power.

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